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Corporate Political Responsibility - CPR

WEBINAR - The Brussels Group

- 29 January 2021

The Brussels Group hosted a webinar on the concept of “Corporate Political Responsibility” (CPR). It took place on Wednesday, January 20th at 5:30 pm. You can watch the recording of the webinar below.


CPR can be seen as a strategic evolution of CSR. It highlights the importance not only of the social and ecological but of the political contexts, in which businesses find themselves embedded – and which they can shape for mutual benefit. Resilient health care systems, high-quality education, modern infrastructure, rule of law – both society and business profit from and should therefore invest in such collective goods. By stressing the business case of political engagement, CPR helps to expand and sharpen the approach to Public Affairs.


Our colleague and network partner Dr. Johannes Bohnen has systematically spelled out the concept and practice of CPR and what it means for PA in a recent German book publication. It is now also available in the English language. On this occasion, he presented key findings on the webinar. The presentation was complemented by CPR cases from various European countries, introduced by the network partners.

The Brussels Group is a network of independent public affairs companies with strong expertise at both the European and national levels. Find out more here.

- Paul d'Amécourt and Olivier Benoist

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