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Areas of Expertise

Lighthouse Europe has developed extensive expertise in cross-cutting policy areas, as rapid innovation and disruption across all sectors increasingly blur the boundaries between regulatory environments. Our integrated approach to consulting enables us to anticipate future developments and create synergies between intersecting policies. Through tailor-made solutions, we offer bespoke services to support and engage with a range of clients, including private businesses, associations and trade federations.


Digital policies represent the core of our activities. Over the years we have advocated on a wide range of topics, including Online Platform and Content Regulation, Data Protection, Cyber Resilience and Artificial Intelligence. Our expertise in these areas continue to help our clients design their digital strategies and successfully convey their priorities to the EU. In addition, our national specialists provide local perspectives on both domestic and European issues. 

Lighthouse Europe is also active in cross-cutting policy areas that blur the traditional boundaries between digital and physical spaces. We currently support clients on international policies pertaining to Competition Regulation and the protection of Intellectual Property. including but not limited to Design Rights, Trademarks, Patents and Copyright.

Green Economy

The European Green Deal is impacting all sectors of the economy. Laws are being drafted now, at both national and European level, that will impact the way businesses manage Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks for decades to come. It is therefore in the interest of businesses across and beyond the EU to be a part of this discussion. 

Lighthouse Europe maintains a specialist workforce of public affairs consultants who are trusted by our clients to monitor, protect and promote their interests at European and national level. Our long history of environmental advocacy has delivered our clients’ messaging on the Circular Economy, Agriculture, Food Systems and Biodiversity, Energy and Sustainable Finance.


In the post-Covid world, industrial policy will play a key role as the European Union continues to increase its strategic autonomy and global influence. Lighthouse Europe can help your business anticipate and navigate this complex regulatory environment while taking advantage of new policies that will (re)define Europe’s relationship to global markets.

Our team already supports a range of stakeholders on a variety of issues, including Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Semiconductor Strategies, which are at the heart of the EU’s industrial strategy. 


Financial policies are often linked to a number of different sectors, including the environmental and digital spheres. Lighthouse Europe’s expertise in these subsidiary areas enables it to provide specialised knowledge to clients on a range of intersecting topics. These include traditional financial policy, relating to Insurance, Banking and Anti-Money Laundering Regulations and Risk Management, as well as Environmental issues, including the Sustainable Finance Package, and Digital Topics, such as Blockchain, New Payment Systems and Artificial Intelligence. 

Working with innovative and disruptive actors in the financial services sector, Lighthouse Europe has already successfully supported Electronic Wallet Providers, Voucher Suppliers, FinTechs and other actors impacted by EU financial regulation.

Single Market

The Single Market is the cornerstone of the European economy, allowing free movement of capital, services, goods, and workers across the EU. This movement is made possible through the harmonisation of competitive processes that define the relationship between undertakings in the internal market. Lighthouse Europe can help you navigate through the European institutions to represent your company efficiently. We support our clients in several areas such as Services, Cultural Goods, Regulated Professions, and Commercial Policy.

National level

European and national policies are intrinsically linked as they mutually influence each other. Lighthouse Europe assists its clients at European and national level to maximize the efficiency of lobbying campaigns. 

Lighthouse Europe boasts an international and European team of public affairs consultants to ensure that your business will have the language, means, and expertise to both access and influence national targets.

Lighthouse Europe is an active member in networks such as the Cercle des Délégués Permanents Français (CDPF), the Brussels Group and the CCI France Belgium. 

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