Lighthouse Europe is setting up a crisis unit for sectors and companies under pressure during the Covid-19 pandemic


- March 2020

In the current economic and health context, Lighthouse Europe is setting up a crisis unit for sectors and companies under pressure.

  • Active monitoring so that companies are informed in real-time of regulatory changes likely to impact their operations: partial closure of borders, continuity of the European internal market, implementation of the economic recovery plan by the government, measures in favor of companies, etc.

  • Strategic communication. Faced with the proliferation of information from multiple sources and beyond the current downturn, companies will need to deliver clear and regularly updated messages to their stakeholders. We provide them with our expertise in institutional communication: crisis scenarios, writing notes, mapping the ecosystems to raise awareness, establishing contacts with local, national and European public authorities.

For more information, contact us at or +32 2 486 25 21.

The Lighthouse Europe team