Lighthouse Europe is a boutique consultancy that specializes in European strategy and public affairs. Lighthouse Europe helps clients to understand and react to the impact of European and national legislation on their businesses, and allows them to participate in decision-making processes.


Our beliefs

To be influential among European-level decision-makers, the various interest groups must make their voices heard in an effective way.

Economic actors need to take stock of regulatory developments and adjust their strategy and business model to remain competitive.

Understanding European and national issues is essential for a company to ensure its compliance with regulation and to protect its interests.

Lighthouse Europe enables its clients to deal with regulatory issues and assists them in building a strategy to develop new products, comply with regulatory requirements, and defend their interests.



Lighthouse Europe offers an integrated approach to Public Affairs at EU level thanks to a specific way of working:

o  A strong analytical framework of EU and national decision-making processes

o  Taking actions at both EU and national levels to maximize the efficiency of lobbying campaigns

o  Creation of tailored influence strategies on which our clients can rely to act and get results

o  Innovative coalition building to reinforce the legitimacy and representativeness of our clients’ interests in a multi-stakeholder environment

Our ambition

o  Our mission is to help each economic operator to better cooperate with the public authorities and to become a legitimate actor in civil society.

o  We support companies and federations to make their voices heard and create a lasting dialogue with the European and national institutions.

o  The success of our actions is fostered by a timely understanding of legislative interactions.

o  We contribute to changing the regulatory framework in the interest of economic actors and in agreement with civil society.

Areas of expertise

Digital & Data

o Online advertising

o Data protection

o Online platform regulation

o Regulation of online contents

o Audiovisual 


eHealth & mHealth

Taxation of digital services


News media


Competition policy in the digital age



Civic technologies

Industrial policies

Green economy

Circular economy

Environmental policy

Waste management

Food and farming policies


Intellectual Property




Financial sector



Banking and Insurance

Basel III

Solvency II


Banking regulation

Taxation of savings and businesses

Payment Services

 oAnti-money Laundering

Services policies

Single Market Strategy

Barriers to cross-border services provision

Regulated Professions

Trade policy

Cultural property protection

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership




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